Having Home Loan Trouble – Beware The Rescue Scams

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Having Home Loan Trouble – Beware The Rescue Scams

It’s a little unfortunate that on a home loan website we feel it necessary to warn our readers about so many scams which are about, but feel it necessary we do. You see, these days perhaps more than ever, people are getting into difficulty with their home loan repayments – well, the foreclosure statistics will tell you that for free – but there really are some despicable people out there who find this all a great big fat opportunity to make shed loads of money for themselves out of other peoples misery. The Scammers! It’s up to you, as a home owner to protect yourself from losing not only your money but your home too.

Avoiding Foreclosure on Your Home Loan

Unfortunately, scammers do not have anything printed on their foreheads, they don’t all drive a certain type of car or wear the same color shoes, but that doesn’t mean that the savvy home owner can’t be trained to spot them a mile away. They’re the ones who can offer to “save the day” (for a fee of course), saving your home, lowering your mortgage payments and even fixing your teenage daughter up for a night out with Justin Bieber . . . They might even pretend to be working on behalf of, or have direct contact with your mortgage lender (and Justin Bieber) but the chances are that they do not.

Tips for Avoiding Scams

  • If anyone asks you for an upfront fee in exchange for sorting out your home loan problems or a counseling service – be afraid, be very afraid . . .
  • Scam artists particularly target those who are struggling to meet home loan repayments or those who are desperate to sell their homes . . . easy meat, or so they think, unless you’re a smart cookie who’s read about these things . . .
  • Don’t be pressured into signing any papers quick to get the best deal, and certainly don’t transfer the deeds to your house so that they can “save” you . . . it does happen, you’d be surprised.
  • Don’t make any mortgage or home loan payments to any other company or organization other than your mortgage company.

Help, I’ve Been Scammed, What Should I Do

Okay, you might be feeling a little silly (and possibly homeless) by now, but you’re not the first person to have the wool pulled over their eyes, and you certainly won’t be the last. That’s what keeps these scammers in business. If you do believe that you’ve been scammed then you should certainly file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), they should be able to help you.


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